Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Theory of KyuShinDo ~ What next!!! washing powder ?

Instructions...Lucky Dip !!
Place hand inside box for your " KyuShinDo " certificate...everyone's a winner !!!If you are really lucky you could get a more valuable handful of washing powder.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei developed the ancient theory of KyuShinDo, a philosophy that he only applied to his preferred art of Judo. We ( the original students ) know for a fact that Abbe Sensei never applied this teaching philosophy to any other martial art...There are so many people now claiming to be studying KyuShinDo in many various forms. I would not be surprised to see the name applied to goods such as washing powder :-(

The truth is that students who were taught directly by Abbe Sensei never really grasped the theory of KyuShinDo. I think it was perhaps too deep for the western mind to understand. I have NEVER met one old student that has claimed to fully understand the deep philosophy that Sensei was teaching...

I am sure that he often despaired at the failiure of his students to understand..He would be most shocked to see today how many people who have never had the privilege of studying with him now claim to be students of KyuShinDo <]:-(

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei would be so shocked to see people claiming to be dan grades in KyuShinDo....""How can you have a dan grade in a philosophy ? ""
I suppose it can be said that KyuShinDo does sound very Japanesey, so add it to any martial art and the public will be non the wiser..

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