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K Abbe 50th Memorial Slide-Show

Item Four

Click photo to enlarge - Left: Derek Eastman Sensei teaching at the Kenshiro Abbe Memorial Event May 2005 the event was fully sold out...It was a spectacular day of Budo...Right: Derek Eastman and Henry Ellis the last two survivors from the inception of Aikido with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei in the 1950s.

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The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Event May 14th 2005.

This movie slide-show offers an indepth look at this very special day of Budo.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1950s Rare Photo Collection

Sincere Thanks go to Mrs Teresa Reeve the widow of Bill Reeve Sensei for sharing her treasured Photo Album with us all.
These photos are the personal property of Mrs Teresa Reeve who has kindly allowed me to share them with all of you...Please do not take any copies without express permission...This also applies to the followers of the Great Chief George Mayo ...
This photo album of previously unseen photos of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Bill Reeve Sensei ~ Bill Woods Sensei ~ A very young Tomio Otani Sensei & many other Judoka from the 1950s. Leave a message if you recognise any of these early Judoka.

Please visit the " British Aikido History Gallery " this one link gives you four old photo galleries Click here ~ British Aikido Photo Galleries

British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis ~ The Arrival of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Development of Budo in the UK.

The Golden Age of British Budo

1955 ~ 2011

In the UK there are few benefits from reaching the age of 75 years, except perhaps for no longer having to pay a small fortune for a TV license. For me it has more, much more.It means that I was privileged to study with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. The 1950s was a time whether you were with Abbe Sensei or another group. It was a time of value. It was a time when grades were ``earned `` and titles were only on the cover of books. You trained hard for achievment. there were no false grades or titles.
It has has all gone wrong, but I really don't where. Henry Ellis

"Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Memorial Site".
Articles ~ 4 Large Photo Galleries ->. Click here

See the new " Photo Slide Show " below ~ photos provided by Mrs Teresa Reeve the widow of William `Bill` Reeve Sensei.

Click to Enlarge
Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Joe Robinson.. 27 yrs of age and 17 stone (238 pounds ) publicly challenged Abbe Sensei who was retired from competitive Judo now aged 42 yrs and weighing just 12 stone ( 168 pounds )..It is clear that Abbe Sensei is the winner.. At this time Joe Robinson claimed to be world Judo champion.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1950's historic videos . Click here

Click ~ Kenshiro Abbe film of a master technician

New Information Blogs

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Kenshiro Abbe in hakama at Aylesford Judo Club 1962. Dave Delderfield far left taking part in Kendo demo with Abbe Sensei.

Visit the KyuShinDo Blog

Read the new article "The Golden Age of British Budo "~ Click-> `` Click here
In 1955 Kenshiro Abbe Sensei introduced his theory of KyuShinDo as applicable to Judo movement. I never met any of the genuine students who truly understood Sensei's philosophy..KyuShinDo has become so many things to so many people. The name is added to everything but a Corn Flakes packet. Visit the KyuShinDo Blog to read our expose of the likes of George Mayo and his followers.

( 1963 ) Letter from Shohei Hamano, 9th dan.

The following letter has been received by the General Secretary of the British Judo Council. It has been translated from the original Japanese. Mr Hamano was an honoured guest of Mr Abbe during his visit to London this year and spent some time with members of the BJC at the now nationally famous Grange Farm Centre, Chigwell, Essex.

" In his youth Mr Abbe ranked among the cream of the best Judoka; In time he became a teacher and a fine leader. On seeing him in London after all this time, and watching him teach, I was delighted to find - just as I had expected - while on one hand following his own personal theory he is enthusiastic and strict, at the same time he is considerate and correct.
I was also happy to see his students practising seriously and keenly and above all, with a regard for etiquette.
I hope they will continue to study hard and penetrate further into the mystereries of Judo.
Shohei Hamano
9th dan Kodokan "

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K Abbe Sensei:~ Insult " KyuShinDo Karate Abbe Ryu "

The Blogs `KyuShinDo` & `Kenshiro Abbe` are fully supported by several surviving ``genuine `` original students of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from 1955.
Take a look at this video example of the MayoShinDo group....KyuShinDo Karate - Using the names KyuShinDo and Abbe Ryu is an attempt to con the public into believing they have an association or lineage with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
Click link to hear Mr Mayo 10th dan play " Old MacShinDo " on the Bagpipes
Click ~ Abbe Ryu - " Old MacShinDo " On the Bagpipes
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New article " KyuShinDo is not a Martial Art "
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We reluctantly accept that we cannot stem the growing abuse of the term KyuShinDo and the name of our legendary teacher Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. We can, and will, advise by all means possible to make all genuine students of today and of the future aware of the truth amongst the fog of myths and ponies. There are so few genuine students of Abbe Sensei left, it is sickening to think what will happen when they are gone.

The ``Myths & Mayo Porkie Files ``

Exposes some of the daft and utterly ridiculous stories that surround the life of this great Budo Master.
Porkie/s is a London Cockney rhyming slang term for lie/s ( Pork pie = lie )
Pony is rhyming slang for Pony Trap = Crap.

Visit the ``KyuShinDo Blog``

Setting the Record Straight !

W `Bill` Woods Sensei - Reply to Alf Bates.

Bill Woods Sensei aide to K Abbe Sensei displays his anger at the claims of one Alf Bates and his claims to be the custodian of the Butokukwai and his suspect grades.

In answer to the nonsense printed about the Butokukwai and sent to me by a colleague, I am now setting out the truth of events.
I have in the past been very tolerant of Mr. Bates' wild claims which are probably made to justify his so-called grades. But by trying to invoke the name and attributes of the Butokukwai I have drawn the line. Let Mr. Bates tell the truth or keep quiet.

Signed W.S.Wood. 14.01.01 Clck here for this important article

Derek Eastman ~ Bill Woods ~ Henry Ellis 2002.
It was always most enjoyable to visit Bill and sit in awe at his vast amount of memorbilia. We miss you Bill.


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