Tuesday, 3 January 2012

K Abbe Sensei & The `BullShit Hall of Fame`

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei


The Bullshit Hall of Fame

When you hear or read the following items scrub your shoes and sniff the BS.

1- "Abbe Sensei changed his religion to become a Christian" - "Totally untrue" = BS"

2 - Several claims of "Abbe Sensei was the godfather to my child" = BS
How could a man with Abbe Sensei's religion and lifestyle take on the Christian responsibilities of a god parent?"
3 - "Abbe Sensei lived at my teachers home,teaching him all the budo arts" = BS
"Shortly after Abbe Sensei arrived in the UK he lived permanently with Matsutro Otani Sensei at 10 Stuart Rd, Acton London."

4 - "Abbe Sensei lived at my teachers home because he loved his mothers cooking" = BS
Untrue but comical. Abbe Sensei was the head of an organisation of some 35,000 members - I can just imagine Sensei saying " Forget the BJC! pass me another piece of pie".
5 - There are now so many claims "My teacher was taught JuJitsu (of one kind or another) by Abbe Sensei " = BS - Abbe Sensei was never known to have taught JuJitsu in the UK.
`Genuine` students of Abbe Sensei will tell you that Sensei never taught `any` form of JuJutsu.
6 - To claim that "Abbe Sensei left KyuShinDo in my Care"  or any other part of his Budo in some person or others care is pure un-adulteratedBS
7 - Abbe Sensei had a ``one off `` meeting with two brothers as they waited outside the dojo in the rain to speak to him, which would lead to a claim that Abbe Sensei taught them some form of JuJitsu. more BS
8 - My teacher was taught by Kenshiro Abbe in Germany in 1950 before he came to the UK - More BS - Abbe Sensei came directly from Japan to the UK in 1955 at the request of the London Judo Society.
9 -

Many more to add. ( I can't keep up with the BS )

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