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CLICK - Tribute Slide-Show to TK Chiba Sensei - 1940 - 2015

" It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty, and how few by deceit   " - Noel Coward

" If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything " - Mark Twai

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 
1915 - 1985
A true story of  Traditional `Positive Aikido`.

Left: My teacher Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1915 - 1985.
Abbe Sensei  introduced Aikido to the UK in 1955, Abbe Sensei taught Traditional Aikido = Positive Aikido = Effective Aikido. 
This is a True story:  -  It was late evening as Abbe Sensei left the Sandwich Street,  Kings Cross dojo, alone,  he was just ahead of us ( his students )  Kings Cross was a rough area of London, suddenly several young thugs approached Sensei, the leader demanded  " hand over your wallet ! " -  without a word,  Sensei removed his wallet from his inner coat pocket,  he then deliberately casually dropped the wallet between his feet, the thug shouted  " Oi, kick it over here " - Abbe Sensei didn't move,  as he calmly surveyed the thugs and quietly said  " I am prepared to die for my wallet, are you ! ? " - the thugs looked at each other as if in a mutual understanding, this wasn't just any old guy, just as thugs and cowards do, they retreated, stepping back and calling out some defiant abusive profanities as they went away empty handed. 
How different to much of  what modern Aikido has become:  [" Aikido is love, You want my wallet ?  give me a cuddle and you can have it ". ]   -- Admin: Henry Ellis  Akikai Shihan

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei story " Trying to Catch The Wind "
Henry Ellis tells of the early training with the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe.

"No matter your pretense, you are what you are, nothing more " Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 8th dan Judo - 6th dan Kendo - 6th dan Karate - 6th dan Aikido - 6th dan JuKendo

Judo History

1933 - Promoted to 5th dan at age 19 years - Japans youngest holder of this grade.
1936 - Graduated 1st from ` Busen Martial Arts College of Judo` - Kyoto.
Won the main trophy in the all Japan East West Championships.
1936 - Won the 5th dan Championships in the Emperors Imperial Tournament.
1937 - Promoted to 6th dan - the youngest in Japan at 23 years of age.
1946 - Promoted to 7th dan at 31 years of age - the youngest ever in Japan.
1955 - Arrived in Britain as resident master at the ` London Judo Society `.
1956 - Appointed National Coach of the AJA
The great Japanese Judo Champion Takahiko Ishikawa 9th dan described Abbe Sensei as the worlds greatest teacher.


Chief Instructor to the Kyoto Police & Doshisha University
Editor of National Japanese Judo Magazine
Director of Kodokan Judo Films.
Director of Kyoto Judo League .
Tech: Adviser and Broadcaster on Judo to Japanese Radio and Television Services.
Superintendent of Kyoto Police
Judo Instructor to Japanese Army Staff College.

Budo - 1955 - 2015 - For those that studied with Sensei's  Kenshiro Abbe - Tadashi Abe - Masahilo Nakazono - TK Chiba Sensei in those early days will remember their Aikido and Judo being true Budo, something that very few will ever see or feel again.

Abbe Sensei's most Famous Fight

Kenshiro Abbe's  Senei's most famous fight as a Judoka occured in 1936 in Saineikan at the Imperial Palace - Tokyo.
The line comprised of all godan - the best and strongest competitors in all Japan.  
The best five were selected to fight all contestants , Abbe Sensei finished  each opponent in less than one minute, including Kimura Sensei, who at that time was regarded as the strongest Judoka in contemporary Japanese Judo History. 

by  Henry Ellis

Scroll down the right hand column for  ` The Myths of Abbe Senseisome rather amusing BS.

BS loading due to the increasing amount of BS from the MayoShinDo group, and many others, claiming to have been associated with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, and KyuShinDo, all of which is an insult to the memory of Abbe Sensei.

My 10th dan BS Award goes to this story.
Extract: Sensei Bloggsworths  mother brought Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from Japan to London to personally teach her son - Abbe Sensei stayed at the Blogworths home teaching young Bloggsworth all of the Budo arts - Abbe Sensei was also the godfather to a future baby Bloggsworth.
[ Name changed to protect the Numpty ].

Visit the KyuShinDo Blog to read " W `Bill` Woods Sensei's  response to the claims of Mr Alf Bates of the ` Tokushima Budo Council`

Site Admin: Henry Ellis Shihan
This site is Dedicated
Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1915 - 1985

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei article - " Trying to Catch the Wind " 

Anton Geesink was trained by Haku Michigami sensei and his friend Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - they went to the Japan Tokyo Olympics together in 1964 - Abbe Sensei asked the Japanese champion Kaminaga to meet with him as he could advise him how to deal with Geesinks `favourite technique ` -  Kaminaga declined - the result is history.
Henry Ellis
Co-author ` Positive Aikido `

Kyu Shin Do
KSD was Abbe Sensei's theory and principal on the movement and application of technique.
This `theory` has been high jacked and used by many, KSD is / was, never a martial art. I now see people with high ranking dan grades in ` Kyu Shin Do ` - Abbe Sensei would be amazed that people now have grades in a theory.
by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 1915 - 1985

Kyu: To Study, or Seek

Shin: The Cosmic Nucleul Principal ( precise translation impossible ) . All motion in the universe maybe resolved basically, to a series of circular and semi-circular actions. This only by obeying this fundamental principal of motion: avoiding stiff, angular stances, or postures, that we can achieve the best Judo - Aikido - Kendo - Karate.
The three precepts of KyuShinDo  are as follows:

BANBUTSU RUTEN: All things existent in the universe are in a constant state of flux.

RITSU DO: This motion is rhythmic and flowing.

CHOWA: All things work and flow in perfect harmony and accord.
The human body naturally falls into this ordered state, when we perform physical techniques.
We study not only the movement alone, but seek the most basic principals behind the action.
One cannot make perfect separation of the spiritual and physical without death resulting through the basic idea of physical application, the spiritual import of the theory should follow naturally.
Please regard this very brief explanation, as you would the caption of an illustration, both requiring direct experience for complete understanding.
DO: Way, or Path.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Slide-show & Videos. 

Credit: The video below is provided on YouTube by Drew Emmz
Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Aikido and Judo
Barry - Wales 1963 The tall uke with Abbe Sensei is John Hepplestone
At the end of the video both wearing hakamas are Abbe Sensei and Bill Woods Sensei.

The rare `Slide-Show` collection of photos from the 1950s/60s located below were loaned to me by Mrs Teresa Reeve - The widow of Bill Reeve Sensei, the first personal aide to Abbe Sensei - There are also photos of many other great Judoka of that time. Bill Woods and Fred Wainwright to name just two.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Joe Robinson.. 27 yrs of age and 17 stone (238 pounds ) publicly challenged Abbe Sensei who was retired from competitive Judo now aged 42 yrs and weighing just 12 stone ( 168 pounds )..It is clear that Abbe Sensei is the winner.. At this time Joe Robinson claimed to be world Judo champion.

Sensei`s - M Otani - B Reeve - K Abbe. Bill Reeve Sensei first personal aide to K Abbe Sensei.
I am pleased to have received this and many other photos from Mrs Teresa Reeve the widow of Bill Reeve ( centre ).. Reeve Sensei was a big man in many ways, he was a big influence on the early promotion of British Judo. He was also Kenshiro Abbe Sensei's personal aide. He supported Abbe Sensei from leaving the LJS to the development of the BJC and the associated BKC ~ BAC ...Bill Reeve was one of the few people that Abbe Sensei considered a `friend ` !!.
Mrs Reeve was graded to dan grade by Abbe Sensei.Mrs Reeve stated that her husband typed the letter to George Mayo that the MayShinDo group claim as a link to the `supposed` friendship between Abbe Sensei and Mr Mayo. Mrs Reeve stated that her husband objected to writing to Mr Mayo as he considered the man no more than a joke, Abbe Sensei thought that the students of Mr Mayo should be given the opportunity to learn true Judo..
Mr Mayo rather than join the BJC for the benefit of his students,decided to re-create himself as ` MayoShinDo ` and for a laugh he also claimed to be the founder of KyuShinDo - proving his sense of humour was the cherry on his cake with a grade of ``10th dan``

Scroll down to Item Four to see the full photo slide show of these treasured photos kindly provided by Mrs Teresa Reeve.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Demonstrating KYU SHIN DO Judo 1950s

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei Demonstrating  Juno Kata. 1950s

Click `` The Judo Review 1955 `` image to Enlarge

Visit - Aikido Books - for `Positive Aikido` 

British Aikido and Judo History
1955 - 2012

The official British Aikido History site - Is dedicated to the true history of Aikido in the UK from its inception in 1955 by the legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Right: Kenshiro Abbe Sensei with Ken Williams Sensei at the Hut Dojo.

The site is maintained by AikiKai Shihans Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman -  The last two surviving pioneers from that exciting era of the birth of Aikido in the UK at the famous "Hut Dojo"

Ellis & Eastman Sensei's are co-authors of the book `Positive Aikido` - they are proud to have their diplomas signed by legends - Osensei Morihei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe - Masahilo Nakazono - Masamichi Noro - TK Chiba - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

Right: Mitsusuke Harada Sensei

Right: Henry Ellis - Mitsusuke Harada - Derek Eastman join Harada Sensei at the TK Chiba Celebration in 2006. Harada Sensei was invited to the UK in 1963 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - He held his first classes at the Hut Dojo. Harada had no students to begin with - Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman studied Karate with Harada, he in turn studied Aikido with them - Harada began to incorporate Aikido moves later into his Shotokai Karate as can be seen in his teachings today.

Click here for the British Aikido History Blog > British Aikido History Site

Earliest known film/video of UK Aikido Demonstration - 1963.

USAF - UK Air Base - European Judo Championships.

Henry Ellis - Derek Eastman - Geoff Goodwin.

Click here ->  Earliest UK Aikido Demonstration Film

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei introduced Aikido to the UK in 1955.
The British Aikido Board tried to change the true history and lineage by colluding with Jack Poole who claimed he was the first UK Aikidoka in 1952 which is total BS.
This Slide-Show exposes both the BAB and Jack Poole

The British Aikido Board Controversy Slide Show.

Documented evidence of the conduct of the UK Governing Body for Aikido.

Detailing the BAB's attempted collusion with one Mr Jack Poole to change forever the true proud history and lineage of British Aikido, from its inception to the UK in 1955 by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Henry Ellis was actually Mr Poole's first teacher as one can clearly see from the large collection of photos and statements, this did not deter the BAB from proudly parading Mr Poole along-side his teacher as a `Pioneer of British Aikido` .

Imagine you are a direct student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and recognised by the Doshu and TK Chiba as a true pioneer of British Aikido - The UK Aikido governing body invite you to receive an award in recognition of this - As you wait to meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham - you hear a shuffling sound - you look behind - standing there unannounced is one of your old students in line to receive the same award as a pioneer - unbelievable.You could not make this up - The BAB did.

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